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Google PPC Ad Ranking: Money Doesn’t Always Talk the Loudest

Is Good To Do Click To Call Ad

Pay per click advertising through the Google Ad

Words program may seem to be all about who has the highest bid, but in most cases money isn’t the primary factor considered when paid ads are ranked for a given keyword. There are two other factors that can be considered and these other factors sometimes speak much louder to Google than what you are paying per click.

Ranking on Landing Page Value

Google can consider the quality and value of the web page that an ad leads to when considering its placement in relation to other paid ads for the same keyword. This is why it is so important to really build up the website and make sure the page visitors land on when they click through to the site has been well optimized for the perfect keywords. This should be done before you even start shelling out money for the AdWords program.

This is good advice even without Google considering the value of the landing page in the ranking of paid ads. If visitors don’t find a great site when they click through they will just click right back out and you have wasted your money on that click. If this happens over and over you waste more money than you earn on PPC.

Ranking on Click through Rate (CTR)

Google also considers how often searchers choose to click on your links over other links. If you place a lot of PPC ads you may think you are preferred by Google because you pay them lots of money, but if all of those ads are not driving in a good rate of click through then you may not be nearly as valued as you think. Other sites that place fewer or just as many ads but get clicked by searchers more than yours may very well be ranked higher than your ads.

Google wants to feature websites that are of great value to the searchers. If they can’t do this, then the searchers will go to another search engine and Google will no longer be the top dog in the search engine market. So, they look for signs that their searchers (their customers) value certain websites and then they promote those websites above others. It’s nothing personal. It’s just how Google must operate to survive.

Most people know that this type of ranking happens with organic SEO, but many are unaware that it is done with paid ads as well. Google will consider your click through rate or CTR over time and that is a determining factor in how highly your paid ads are ranked over others.

To get more clicks you have to focus on placing ads that are very relevant and specific to your keyword. You can’t afford to place general ads that don’t make it very clear what you have to offer and what your site value is. Get specific and stay relevant. Word each ad carefully. It will make a difference in where your paid ads are placed.

Strategy before Investment

What all of this boils down to is the need to come up with a clear PPC strategy before you use Google AdWords. You have to get the landing page perfectly optimized and beautifully designed first. You can then develop a strategy for increasing your CTR and increasing that ranking with Google.